Immediate Action Required

Dear Friend: On behalf of our deceased son Andrew Joseph, III and so many other children who were victimized at the Florida State Fair on Student Day 2/7/14, we feel it as imperative that we invite you and members of your social circle to join us this year for Student Day at the Fair. The meet- up spot will be at the Wing House parking lot on Friday, February 6th @5:15pm located at 5003 US Highway 301 North, Tampa, FL

We need to Rally and hold the Fairgrounds and Authorities Accountable in regards to the current changes and those changes that are still needed to take place including gun entry into the fair where our students/children are invited as patrons. As you and I know, the State of Florida is a Stand your Ground State and Guns and Children will never equate to a Safe Environment which is proclaimed by the Florida State Fairgrounds as there #1 priority.

I hope that this is something you and your circle of supports will be able to support and attend. Thank You, Deanna and Andrew Joseph, Jr, Parents of 14 year old Andrew Joseph,.


  1. Parent Advocate. Help speak to community leaders about policies that compromise the safety of children.

  2. Policy Review

    Administrators needed to review safety policies.

  3. Community Organizers
    Ground level educators advising general public about safety issues.




Rally at the Florida State Fair

Wing House Parking Lot
5003 US Highway 301 North

Tampa, FL
Friday, February 6th, 2015
5:30  p.m.

Help hold the Florida State Fairgrounds
and Authorities Accountable for recent changes!

Please help by donating food for this event. Click on our
PayPal link as monetary donations are also being accepted.