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Dear Friend: The aim for this event is to bring awareness and consistency to the efforts of the Andrew Joseph Foundation and the stories of those slain by the hands of the state. This event will also be the platform to debut the documentary of "The Untold Story". The Life & Death of Andrew Joseph III follows 14 year old Andrew Joseph III's death, the events leading up to it, and a grieving family's long, pain-staking search for answers on "why" their child died in the midst of a police encounter. A gut wrenching tale of judicial cover ups, police misconduct and a family's fight for truth, justice ans a sense of peace. This even till be attended by families affected by senseless acts and/or violence, social justice organizations, community members, friends and family of the Andrew Joseph Foundation. 

Please click on the image above to learn more about "The Untold Truth" Documentary premiere February 11, 2017




  1. Parent Advocate. Help speak to community leaders about policies that compromise the safety of children.

  2. Policy Review

    Administrators needed to review safety policies.

  3. Community Organizers
    Ground level educators advising general public about safety issues.

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