Dear Friend: The parents of a deceased child are left picking up the pieces from the devastation, loss and tragedy of a child who lost his life on an evening where he simply had a desire to attend a day with friends at an ordinary public event. Deanna and Andrew, parents of Andrew Joseph, III have been tirelessly confronting the inept reality that life, as they knew it, will never be the same.  Their son, Andrew Joseph, III will never be able to accomplish all the dreams and aspirations that he had as a middle school honor student because his life was abruptly taken on the evening of February 7, 2014. 

The Andrew Joseph, III family has created the Andrew Joseph in his honor where there are ongoing events slated through February 5th-7th, 2016 in Tampa, FL and around the world.  The families premise has continued and remained steadfastly focused to the pursuit for Justice and Accountability.  Our foundation is committed to the unsounding resolve that no other family should ever suffer the painful death of a child in the manner which claimed Andrew’s young life.

 Since the unimaginable demise of 14 year old Andrew Joseph, III on February 7, 2014, the parents have been working to eradicate the wrong.  The constant resounding question is why did a young child die in an event that was geared specifically for him?  This event was specifically identified for Hillsborough County students as “Student Day” at the Florida State Fairground. The parents of the young teen who lost his life, Andrew and Deanna Joseph, have been visible and vocal within community meetings, community action groups, school board meetings, State Fair authority public meetings and other community outreach efforts.  The family exclaims that “It is our family’s mission to assist in understanding the dichotomy and aid in attempting to engage the dialogue for what has occurred within the community of students and how such acts regarding the Hillsborough County School District, Hillsborough County Sheriff Department and Florida State Fairgrounds precipitate in a relationship that is sub hazardous to the sanctity of life and safety of our students.” 

The efforts of the family and their tenacity to confront the issues of social injustice and lack of equality have hence garnered the attention of nationally acclaimed artist award winning Grammy star Usher.  In his new album, unlike anything he’s done before, Andrew Joseph, III is seen featured in his video single “Chains” which lends a powerful message to the issues of racial profiling and police brutality. The video is said to come at a time where the entire planet is seeing what’s going on in terms of social injustice in America and the idea that racial bigotry is really diminishing the lives and futures of families. 

The Joseph family has collaborated in these efforts through the support of legendary Harry Belafonte and his foundation as well as of Oakland, California, Oscar Grant’s family. The Joseph family will not stop there in their pursuit to eradicate injustice as they have also been invited to the United Nations next month to join with families of Tamir Rice, a 12 year killed in Cleveland, OH on a playground and John Crawford, III who was killed shopping within an Ohio Wal-Mart store. The Andrew Joseph, III family will aid in the constructive collaborative while Confronting the Silence with Perspectives and Dialogue on Structural Racism suffered here in the Tampa, FL community and around the world.

Confronting the Silence

United Nations
Confronting the Silence: 
Perspectives and Dialogue on Structural Racism Against People
of African Decent

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015