Florida Courier News Article

Andrew Joseph III


Pee Wee's Tragic Story
Innocent Life taken
​too soon!

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."


Fourteen year old Andrew Joseph was hit by a 19 year old who was driving an SUV with his 17 year old female friend. The reports indicate that he was attempting to cross I-4 interstate. Earlier that evening prior to being killed by this driver, Andrew and some of his other friends were ejected/kicked out of the Florida State Fair on Student Day. On this day it was designated for students to attend the fair and most area school kids had the day off from school so that they could attend the State Fair.

As a result of the student day/free pass day many kids attended.  When kids are ejected the law enforcement indicated no policy which mandates that they call parents. With this flawed policy no parents were called and several young people that were subjected to this action were at risk. The health and safety of all 99 of the ejected young people (some as young as 12 years old) were jeopardized by officials failing to contact parents of the kids that were being transported and removed from the fair grounds.

This travesty has left Andrew Joseph,III dead and the Joseph family questioning policies and public entities that are funded and supported by young people and the parents who may lack the insight and knowledge of such policies.  The majority of our local community assumes a sound and complete confidence in the public entities that are thriving as a result of young children who are the primary supporters. Andrew III had a promising future and had just been excepted into a prestigious high school in the Tampa Bay area. Andrew had hopes and dreams and his parents supported him in making his dreams a reality. The society and community as a whole has lost an exceptional kid as a result of lack of community care, compassionate and consideration of a 14 year old child.

It is most unfortunate that the participated entities that were involved in this incident are adult figures who make policies are no longer interested in the common principal of protecting and serving the youth of today. "One call could have saved this kids life ". The family is requesting support as efforts are being made to illuminate the disparity among systems that are impeding the mission of protecting all children.